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Latest COVID-19 Update from Weed Man


We miss you!

  • We miss caring for your lawn.
  • We miss helping to create a safe and healthy surface for your children and pets to play.
  • We miss helping to enhance your property value.
  • We miss protecting your lawn, trees and shrubs from disease and invasive plants.
  • We miss helping to control the allergens attacking the respiratory systems of your family.
  • We miss protecting your lawn and home from the many pests and rodents found in your yard.
  • We miss helping you enjoy your backyard more & protecting your family from mosquitos.
  • We miss making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!
  • But mostly, we miss you!


As you are aware, our services have been deemed non-essential by our Governor. That’s very disappointing to say the least. Especially when we could be doing so safely in accordance with all CDC recommendations and virtually all other states have deemed lawn services essential.

Regardless, although we disagree with it, we are abiding by the Governors order. We will not be on your lawn doing what we love and miss until May 1st .


Our small business consists of the most loyal, hardworking and caring employees there are. Come May 1st we are ready to rock! We have a full staff just raring to go. Our fleet and equipment are primed, and our inventories are stocked!

There still is enough time to properly protect and enhance your property. We are committed to doing so. We will be working longer hours and longer weeks in the effort to catch you up, but we are determined to succeed. We cannot wait to be back out on your lawns. Please rest assured that our employees will be adhering to all the CDC guidelines to provide you service in a safe manner. We take the protection of our employees, clients and public seriously. Early on, we instituted the proper hygiene protocols in our offices and with our people. Our work areas and vehicles are sanitized regularly, and all our workers are provided the proper PPE in order to provide our services in a safe manner.

Because our services are performed outside with little to no customer contact, we are confident in our ability to provide safe and effective services for your family and property. Even though we will not be on your lawns until May be assured our office staff are available via phone and e mail, if you need us, we are here.


We love this community. It is where we choose to live, work and play. We are all in this together and we all need each other right now. This too shall pass. We are confident we will come out of this stronger and more united. But again, we need each other. Please continue supporting your neighborhood businesses like ours that are struggling daily during this time to keep their people employed and their doors open. We will come back from this, but it will take us all working together to do so.

Blessings to you all for continued health and prosperity.

Your Local Weed Man